Chispa Highlights 2024’s Hottest Dating Trends

Match Group’s Chispa, the #1 dating app for Latine singles, has unveiled 6 dating trends that will define dating in 2024. These include naked Sundays, monogamous apping, and the desire for a book boyfriend.

Chispa, which now has over 9 million downloads, has picked out a number of significant dating trends ahead of the new year. The list of trends were co-compiled by resident relationship expert Gabriela (Gabi) Reyes.

Here are the 6 hottest trends they’ve highlighted:

  • Hard Launch Dating

Chispa highlights that singles in the past have often felt embarrassment about the search for a romantic partner. While it’s great to ‘date yourself’ and find happiness alone, “the need for company and partnership is basic to our human biology”, it shares.

That’s why for 2024, it’s reinforcing the belief: “It’s ok to want to find a partner. It’s ok to want a relationship. It’s ok to not want to be alone. Say it louder for the people in the back”.

Gabi’s Pro tip: If your friends, friend’s partners, co-workers, gym buddies, and moms friends all know you’re single and ready to mingle, they’ll be more likely to think of you when their cute friend mentions that they’re single and dating, or when they are loving a new dating app!”

  • Naked Sundays

Singles are already starting to dedicate their Sundays to romance, with the rise of ‘Dating Sundays’. Chispa and Gabi Reyes now point out that it can be taken one step further with ‘Naked Sundays’.

Naked / Dating Sundays can be a great way for you to connect to your sexuality”, they share, pointing out that “if you’re feeling sexy and giving off that energy in your conversations with the guy/gal on your dating apps, that confidence can go a long way”.

Gabi’s Pro tip: When you orgasm, your body releases Oxytocin (the “love hormone.”) It makes you feel happier and more connected. Just sayin”

  • Bringing Ghosts Back to Life

It’s about time that singles stop putting up with ghosting, Chispa shares. “Don’t let someone you were building a connection with ignore you in hopes you’ll disappear”, adding that calling out this behaviour is “overdue”. 

Gabi’s Pro tip: Have a little note on your phone with a few responses to being ghosted. Here are some examples:

  • You can keep it light: Are you trapped under something heavy? Should I send help? If that isn’t the case, you should probably add ‘ghosting’ to the hobbies on your dating app. 
  • OR very real: “hey, I’m not really feeling this.” – an easy example of a message you can send instead of ghosting someone. It’s rude and unnecessary!”
  • Monogamous Apping

It can be overwhelming to juggle multiple dating apps at once, balancing day-to-day commitments with many conversations with matches. “That’s where Monogamous Apping comes in”, it highlights.

A trend for 2024 could be using one app at a time and being patient before deleting it and trying a new one. The platform recommends trying out Hinge if Chispa isn’t working out exactly the way you expected, and vice versa.

“Gabi’s Pro tip: Only talk to 3 people at a time to really give them the attention any new relationship needs”

  • No Third Date Rule

Daters in the past have been told to uphold the rule: no sex before the third date. Chispa highlights a new trend to date by: Have sex whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so. 

“Gabi’s Pro tip: Check in with yourself throughout the process of dating someone new. Journaling about how you’re feeling is a great way to do that. Writing helps us go further than the ruminating thoughts we leave in our minds”

  • Real Life Book Boyfriend 

BookTok, the TikTok community for book lovers, is thriving. And with this growing community is the rise of “book boyfriends” for romantics to swoon over. 

These fictional characters can come to life in men who are “kind, attentive, loyal partners who are wildly attracted to us”, Chispa points out.

“Gabi’s Pro tip: I often tell my patients that reading love stories is a great way to keep them seeking something more than the drunk guy at the bar who called you pretty while staring straight at your boobs. Read some romance novels and look for exactly what you want”.

Find out more about Chispa on its website here, or listen to this episode of The GDI Podcast where we spoke with Julia Estacolchic, Head of Marketing & Brand at Chispa.

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