Hily’s Christmas-themed survey highlights who is more generous when it comes to gift-gifting in early stages of dating

More than 50 per cent of men are more likely to give Christmas gifts after a few dates, according to a new survey conducted by dating app Hily.

With less than one week until Father Christmas begins his journey to deliver presents across the world, Hily’s survey featured about 3,000 respondents and highlighted if and when men and women give holiday gifts and if so, which ones they choose.

While 52 per cent of men are more likely to give gifts after a few dates, 39 per cent of women would do the same. With a good number in both groups, it’s fair to say that new daters this Christmas are about to show a generous spirit.

But what gifts will they give? As gift-gifting early in a relationship is generally important for both men and women, their perspectives intersect. In particular, 56 per cent of Hily users choose small and thoughtful gifts and 63 per cent agreed that the price of such gifts is not important.

The survey shows that both generosity of love and comfort of gift-gifting are valid explanations. Sixty one per cent of men and women revealed that they don’t feel pressured to give gifts – they do this because they want to.

Both genders prefered to give gifts when it’s most comfortable for them, even though their definitions of a comfortable gift-giving stage in a relationship differs. Forty seven per cent of men are ready to give gifts after a couple of dates, while 47 per cent also chose serious relationship as a preferred gift-giving stage.

All in all, the survey shows that it’s worth buying a gift to your new partner this Christmas – even if you had just a few dates. It shouldn’t be big or have a high price tag. Go for something that will show your attitude and with what you feel comfortable with.

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