Ysos: Now Available in the USA

Ysos, a popular Brazilian app for threesomes and casual dating, is now available across the USA. The first group of new registrants in the USA will receive lifelong access to the dating app’s Gold plan.

With over 1.5 million sign-ups so far, Ysos has gained popularity for providing a safe and open environment for new experiences and spicy conversations. The app first launched in Brazil in 2019, becoming well-known among those in open or non-monogamous relationships, or those exploring new possibilities.

The platform will now be available from coast-to-coast across the USA as it approaches its 5th year of operations. 

Due to its sexual and liberal focus, the platform enables users to create a private gallery of photos which can only be accessed by permitted individuals. The platform does not permit users to use internet-sourced or third party images for any of its photo galleries.

“The idea is to use personal photos that don’t easily identify you at first. This way, you maintain discretion and gradually reveal yourself to those with whom a connection is established. Ysos aims to help you get to know those nearby who share your interests and want to have fun!”, explained Gustavo Ferreira, the app’s marketing head.

Together with its launch in a new market, the platform shared key tips for users to get started on Ysos.

It highlighted that it uses AI to prevent fake profiles from gaining traction, but reminds users to be aware of inconsistencies in conversations and other red flags. It also encourages users to read about the laws protecting their data in order to ensure confidentiality on their profile.

You can now download Ysos in the USA on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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