Kupenda – A New Dating App Harnessing Community Spirit

After a beta period, new dating app Kupenda has officially launched. The platform encourages users to help one another find compatible matches, creating a community spirit and providing rewards for playing matchmaker.

Kupenda encourages and rewards users for helping to set up other matches, forming part of the platform’s community focus and “spirit of mutual assistance”. Once users matchmake and create a connection, they’ll be entered into a monthly raffle to win a gift card.

The platform deploys algorithms, as well as “individuals invested in each other’s success”, to bring together potential matches. Once matched with other individuals, users earn points by starting conversations and endorsing their romantic counterpart.

Lewis Dackam, Co-Founder of Kupenda, explains, “We believe in the power of people helping people, and that ethos is at the core of Kupenda. Our app fosters a community where every individual’s contribution adds value to the collective experience.”

With this official launch, the platform has also introduced its new restaurant feature, promising users they’ll “never eat alone”.

The feature invites users to pick out a restaurant, arrange a time, and highlight whether they wish to pay for the date or rather split it. After publishing these details, the platform will spotlight these arrangements and other users can apply to join them at the restaurant.

Kupenda is already seeing significant growth in South America, especially Colombia. As the app continues to grow, it states that it wants to keep “connecting even more people and creating meaningful relationships that transcend the traditional boundaries of online dating”.

Find out more about Kupenda on its website here. 

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