BLK Hosts Brotherhood Retreat

BLK, the Match Group dating app for Black singles, hosted an exclusive retreat to explore the features of Black Brotherhood. Named ‘Brotherhood Reimagined’, the retreat was made up of a series of workshops and discussions which centered on vulnerability, identity, and more.

A new report from The Root shares how BLK invited a number of successful Black men to a retreat in California. This closed-door session invited attendees to share their thoughts and bond together as a community.

The report highlights that Black men face many negative myths and stereotypes, and that this retreat would be a way to explore “the tribulations and triumphs of brotherhood”.

The retreat involved journaling and discussions of dating, with attendees discussing their preferred love languages, wrote Okla Jones of ESSENCE.

It also involved two workshops ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and ‘Bridging Masculinity’, with Jones saying that “through these transparent workshops, we were able to display vulnerability, show emotion, and express ourselves in ways that haven’t been traditionally accepted in society”.

Jones concludes that “Until [the retreat], the way I defined being a man was rigid, and even ignorant at times. What I came to realize was that masculinity has many shapes, sizes, sexual preferences, and emotions, and that it takes a real man to understand, and accept that”.

BLK defines its mission as being to “create an exclusive community where Black men and Black women can find meaningful connections with people who share similar likes and interests”.

Find out more about BLK on its website here. 

Photo courtesy of Danny Dojo for BLK.

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