Ashley Madison Shares Gen Z Report

Gen Z are full of contradictions, being supposedly sex negative but also the kinkiest generation yet. Married dating site Ashley Madison saw 1.8 million Gen Z join the platform in 2022, and has set out to explore the generation’s attitudes on non-monogamy. 

Perspectives on non-monogamy

Gen Z, defined as 18 – 29 year olds, are the most progressive group yet when it comes to non-monogamy, Ashley Madison shares. 

A YouGov poll found that 57% of Gen Z Americans would consider a non-monogamous relationship. Among its own Gen Z users, 59% said they wanted either an open or a polyamorous relationship, explaining that fuller sexual / romantic experiences could be achieved as a result.

The dating app also asked its Gen Z members why they might be seeking partners outside their relationship. 51% said the main reason is because one person is not capable of fulfilling their sexual needs. 26% stated that they are simply testing the waters to see whether it’s monogamy, or just their partner, that is creating unfulfillment.

Non-monogamy around the world

Brazilians (62%) and Mexicans (59%) were found to be the most willing to consider non-monogamous relationships, according to a YouGov survey highlighted by Ashley Madison.

The USA was not far behind at 57%, however among surveyed countries, the UK (26%) was the least willing to consider this type of relationship.

Exploring female perspectives

Comparing the attitudes of men and women highlights the growing adventurous nature of female sexuality.

Ashley Madison shared that 21% of female members don’t believe that they can be happy and monogamous at the same time, whereas only 15% of men feel that way. Additionally, female members are three times more likely to have always been non-monogamous, when compared with men.

Research also found that female members are more likely to have hooked up with someone of the same sex; had one or multiple same-sex relationship as a result of Ashley Madison; and had threesomes, when compared with men.


Ashley Madison summarises that “our data suggests that Gen Z is a fascinating, contradictory cohort unlike any that came before it”. 

You can download Ashley Madison’s Gen Z report here. 

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