Gleeden Reflects on Top Trends of 2023

After a successful 2023, where the dating app saw a 383% increase in users, Gleeden has shared some influential trends in the area of extra-marital dating. The platform fosters extra-marital dating, empowering both men and women to pursue ‘clandestine’ affairs.

Gleeden, which has significant popularity in India, has outlined some key trends and behaviours among its users in the country:

The importance of distance (or lack thereof)

  • The distance between a user and their match can impact the likelihood of extra-marital dating, with 28% of men and 27% of women preferring to have an affair with someone who is within their own community.
  • Mumbai (40%), Kolkata (35%), Kochi (14%), and Hyderabad (22%) were the most active areas for 25-35 year olds in terms of finding new connections.

Location location location

  • For Gleeden users who were nervous to have a covert affair within their own community, they opted for a nearby town as the ideal spot.
  • 21% of men and 15% of women look for companions outside of their city, the platform discovered.
  • Surveys showed that meeting in a big city was a common preference. Delhi (10%), Bangalore (16%), and Kolkata (12%) were the top locations for this kind of activity.

Online connections

  • Extra-marital connections can take many forms. Sometimes speaking with someone who isn’t their partner is enough to satisfy a lonely married individual.
  • 17% of men and 15% of women prefer their extra-marital interactions to be purely conducted over the internet. 
  • Daters in Bangalore (15%), Mumbai (12%), and Kolkata (26%) all showed a preference for online flirting.

Differing relationship goals

  • Gleeden found that the platform can be used for different purposes, with some users looking new friends, searching for company, and developing existing connections. 

Sybil Shiddell, Country Manager for Gleeden in India, shared her perspective on these trends:

 “Gleeden is a private and safe haven for individuals navigating the perilous terrain of adultery in a realm where the boundless expanse of possibility and the complex mechanisms of human desire converge.”

“This is when the complexity of adultery shows up, giving Gleeden players a lot of choices to explore their most instinctual desires. These users’ prospective routes could be as varied as the web of interpersonal ties if given the chance.”

“The embrace of a friend from their own town or city can be consoling for certain people; it can be a discreet friendship that quietly permeates everyday life.Others may attempt to venture farther afield by visiting neighbouring cities or towns, where mystery encourages exploration and adventure.”

Find out more about Gleeden on its website here. 

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