Tinder’s Campaigns to Get Young People Voting

Since 2018, Tinder has been helping to drive voter registration and engagement in the lead up to elections around the world. Its latest campaign in the Netherlands saw the dating app encourage young and new voters to register ahead of parliamentary elections.

Earlier this year, Tinder partnered with the Netherlands’ National Youth Council to drive voter registration among young people. 

Ahead of the parliamentary elections in late November, all Tinder users in the country came across ‘Swipe Cards’ (as seen below). When a user swipes right on these cards, they are directed to the youth council’s page where they can explore the importance of voting and how they can get involved.

“Half of Tinder users in the Netherlands are between 18 and 25 years old and historically young adults are the least likely to vote,” said Benjamin Puygrenier of Tinder Netherlands.

“Tinder likes to change this. We think it is important to adequately inform this large group. By sharing the steps to vote, in collaboration with the National Youth Council, we hope to show the new generation of voters that they really have a voice in their future”, Puygrenier shared.

Kimberley Snijders, chairwoman of the National Youth Council, highlighted that “we need creative solutions to get young people to the polls, which is why we are very excited about working with Tinder”.

Before this initiative in the Netherlands, Tinder implemented voting-related initiatives in Brazil in 2018, the UK in 2019, the United States in 2020, Germany in 2021 and in France in 2022.

Find out more about Tinder’s voter registration initiative in the Netherlands here. 

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